The following testimonials were provided by patients and/or leadership from our member clinics (names have been changed):

Five Year Old

Parents of a five year old boy grow very concerned with their son’s continual, painful leg cramps. Without family health insurance, Dad is self-employed, Mom says at home with the 5 year old and three of his siblings. A visit to the free clinic enabled the volunteer health care providers to conduct a physical assessment, perform diagnostic labs and refer the child to University of Iowa Clinics where he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia — cancer. Having undergone five years of chemotherapy, he is currently, thankfully, in remission. Mom, personal witness to the rewards of our mission and dedicated to the success of our member clinics, is employed with Free Clinics of Iowa.

James & Alisha

James and Alisha are working parents with two active school-aged children. When the school year begins, their kids require physicals to participate in extra-curricular activities. Their parents have jobs, but inadequate health insurance coverage and can’t afford to take time off during normal business hours. This family turns to the free clinic for help and drops $25.00 in the donation box on their way out Tuesday evening.


When the plant closed, John was left with no job and no health insurance. Then sickness came. Without the free clinic, John faced a frustrating cycle. Too sick to seek work, no work – no health insurance, no health insurance – no doctors visits, no doctors visits – no medicine, no medicine – no hope of getting healthy. Because the free clinic, John was seen by a volunteer physician, provided needed medicine, got healthy and returned to the working world.


Juanita, 12 year old daughter of parents who recently migrated from Mexico, came to the free clinic to obtain immunizations required to attend school. She had not seen a doctor in her entire life. Hearing loud heart murmurs, the free clinic volunteer physician immediately accessed the specialty referral system, whereby Juanita’s medical conditions were further assessed and she ultimately received life-saving heart surgery. Without intervention, Juanita would not have survived her 18th birthday.