Think about a time long ago for some of us and perhaps not so very long ago for others when becoming a physician meant something other than long hours, insurance companies and endless paper work. Think back to the idealism we all shared about helping people. It felt good then and it is possible to recapture that same feeling once again by volunteering to serve the uninsured and disadvantaged members of our communities. Through a wide network of volunteer organizations in our local communities there exists the opportunity to recapture some of the emotion and reward of our initial idealism. We share a unique gift and talent to do for our community something no one else can do, and not only is it greatly appreciated, but I think you will find that the biblical saying “it is better to give than receive” will become a living reality every time you volunteer your time and expertise to help the less fortunate in your community. Please consider volunteering. You will find that you truly will receive far more than you give and perhaps you can recapture some of that wonderful idealism and optimism that led you into this profession. After many years of volunteer service I can tell you that it will lighten your load and brighten your day.

How can you help?

The following is a list of volunteer positions and provides a brief explanation of responsibility. Apply now to be a volunteer.

  • Greeters – greets patients as they enter the clinic and guide them to the receptionists area and/or waiting
  • Clinic Set Up & Take Down – move tables, cabinets, chairs, file cabinets, etc. to set up multi-purpose areas for free clinic operations and take down for storage during non-clinic hours
  • Receptionists – gather basic information from patients as they enter the clinic, prepare patient files
  • Interpreters – provide assistance to those who do not speak fluent English
  • Doctors & Nurse Practitioners – Active, Unrestricted Licensure in Iowa. Provide basic primary care services to patients
  • Nurses (LPN, RN) – Active, Umestricted Licensure in Iowa. Gather patient intake information and assist in the provision of basic primary care services
  • CNA, CMA, EMT – Gather patient intake information and assist in the provision of basic primary care services.
  • Allied Health Providers – Active, Unrestricted Licensure in Iowa. Provide specialty health services to patients
  • Pharmacists – Registered Pharmacists to work in the dispensary – filling prescriptions and counseling patients about their medications
  • Social Workers – Eligibility Assessment for ancillary services and patient assistance programs

As most free clinics in Iowa are volunteer based and provide services a few hours each week out of a church or community center, volunteers are often asked to dedicate approximately 3 hours per month to the operation of the free clinic.

Please contact the clinic of your choice to learn more about immediate volunteer opportunities and application processes.


  • Dr. Stephen Eckstat, FCI Board President and Medical Director

    Dr. Stephen Eckstat, FCI Board President and Medical Director